Terms of warranty and Service Support


Warrantee service applies to items , sold by SakuraZ shops ( on-line shop, or physical SakuraZ store ( hereinafter collectively “SakuraZ store  “) directly to the buyer, if not otherwise stated.

Identification of electric vehicles (scooters, boards , EZRaider and so on ) is performed by the marking ( identifier of the goods ). The marking is an integral part of such a product and confirms the legitimacy of the warranty claim.

Identification of other types of goods (for example accessories, helmets, bags, etc. ) is carried out using the corresponding receipts confirming purchases in the SakuraZ store .

Warranty service covers defects in components and / or goods in general, declared by the owner during the warranty period.  

Warranty service is performed by SakuraZ Service Center .

Before using, carefully read the “User Manual” of the product and carefully follow all the requirements.


2.1. Calculation of the warranty period

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the goods , (the date of purchase in a physical store or order date on the website), which is fixed SakuraZ and confirmed by an entry in the Warranty card .

2.2. Documents confirming the guarantee

To obtain warranty service during the warranty period must be presented are following e document s :

  • For electric vehicles – filled warranty card with the name, model, and identifier of the goods , under warranty service, date of purchase and the warranty period. The warranty card is completed and signed by a person authorized by SakuraZ ;
  • Purchase receipt (for all products)


For electro – transport :

The legitimacy of the warranty claim is determined by labeling the product , allowing the verify the identity of the goods with the ID specified in the warranty card, and to determine the validity of the warranty period and  terms of fixing the defects during the warranty period. Warranty repair (replacement) may be refused in the absence of a product identifier or the impossibility of reading it (damage, painting); in the absence of a Warranty card for the product or its incorrect (unauthorized) filling; in the absence of confirmation of the legal purchase of the goods .

The warranty period of electro – transport – 12 months .

During the warranty period, diagnostics and free repair of electric vehicles that are out of order due to the manufacturer’s fault are performed. Electric vehicles are accepted for warranty repair only if they are clean and completely complete.

The warranty is the case of a defect (loss of performance) of any of the components of the warranty product , except for those specified below.

The warranty does not cover :

  • Mechanical damage to any parts
  • Defects resulting from improper use of the product, maintenance, repair or modification of the equipment by individuals or organizations not specifically authorized by SakuraZ, as well as self-adjustments that do not comply with the user manual or product specifications;
  • Defects caused by improper transportation, storage, maintenance or cleaning of the product;
  • Damage caused by accidents, falls, natural disasters and environmental conditions.
  • Periodic maintenance of electric vehicles
  • Repair and replacement of parts associated with natural wear and tear (lubrication, wear of tires and tubes, brake pads, suspension joints, etc.)
  • On wheel deformation during operation
  • For damage associated with punctures, cuts, ruptured tubes and tires
  • For repairs to replace spare parts and components produced at the request of the Buyer and not caused by defects in transport;
  • For damage or corrosion caused by any external factors, including chips and scratches from stones, exposure to water, salt, hail, etc.
  • Sale items, free gifts ;
  • Goods damaged by the client;
  • Defects resulting from improper use of the product

For other products:

The legitimacy of the warranty claim is determined by the purchase receipt , allowing to determine the warranty period and conditions for elimination of defects during the warranty period .

SakuraZ ensures that a product should be free of defects of material and production , during of 60 days from the date of purchase.

Not considered as a defect:

• leather irregularities and wrinkles, small scratches that do not spoil the appearance of the product;

• inaccurate match of the color of the product with the color of the picture on your monitor (monitor settings may be different; the color you see on your monitor, the color in the photo and the actual color of the product may have different shades – the reason is both in the distortions of computer monitors and the camera) ;

• natural wear and tear of the product over time – the appearance of scratches, abrasions, change in shape;

• tears in the lining;

• loss of elements fixed with screws

The warranty does not cover :

  • Mechanical damage;
  • Defects resulting from improper use of the product, maintenance, repair or modification of the equipment by individuals or organizations not specifically authorized by SakuraZ , as well as self-adjustments that do not comply with the user manual or product specifications ;
  • Defects caused by improper transportation, storage , maintenance or cleaning of the product ;
  • Damage caused by accidents, falls, natural disasters and environmental conditions.
  • Sale items, free gifts ;
  • Goods damaged by the client (traces of use, scratches, etc. ) ;
  • Improper use of a product


During the warranty period, the goods defect is eliminated by replacing the defective components with similar ones in good condition. All defective components – defective spare parts replaced in the goods on the basis of a warranty claim – become the property of the Service Center. If the defective spare part for some reason cannot be transferred to the ownership of the Service Center, then it is payable at the price of the spare part provided for replacement.  

The spare parts provided for warranty repair are either new, or newly produced, or refurbished at the factories of manufacturing firms and corresponding to new parameters.

Refurbishment of the equipment under warranty does not necessarily involve the replacement of defective spare parts. To restore the functionality of the equipment, work can be performed without the use of spare parts – for example, cleaning , adjusting, updating the microcode, restoring wiring connections, eliminating mechanical damage, etc. 


5.1. Basic recovery conditions

Warranty repair of goods is carried out on the territory of the Service Center upon presentation of the equipment during the warranty period. The service center performs free diagnostics and replacement of defective spare parts (warranty of the ” Spare parts and labor ” type).

All travel expenses, liabilities and risks for the delivery of goods to and from the repair are borne by the owner of the goods .

Warranty repair of the goods is made within twenty business days from the date of receipt of the goods by the Service Center.   

If the warehouse of the Service Center does not have spare parts required for the repair, the warranty repair duration is extended by the delivery time of the necessary spare parts. In this case, the warranty period is extended for the duration of the delivery of such spare parts, about which a corresponding entry is made in the Warranty Card.

5.2. Departure to the customer’s site

By agreement and after full payment of all costs associated with a business trip of a Service Center specialist, it is possible to call a specialist to the location of the goods for diagnostics. Subsequent replacement of warranty defective spare parts can be done if the specialist has them with him, or later after delivery of such parts.

In any case, the owner retains the right to a free warranty diagnosis and repair on the territory of the Service Center. 

5. 3 . Telephone support

Free phone support is part of the warranty service . 

This service includes consultations in a reasonable amount on the preparation and use of equipment, as well as the diagnosis of the probable cause of its failure. Please note that in case of failure, the Service Center specialist can indicate only the likely (most typical) reasons.


SakuraZ Service Center provides repair and support services for SakuraZ store products also outside the scope of warranty service. For all types of out-of – warranty service, you can contact our specialists for diagnostics and repair assessment, using original or updated parts from manufacturers. The center guarantees the highest quality and terms of work.


In general, the warranty does not cover consumables and parts that have a limited life time. 

SakuraZ makes no guarantees or representations other than those stated in this material. In particular, SakuraZ is not liable for any damage or loss of profits resulting from a defect in the goods .


Warranty extension is possible for a number of goods models.

For electric scooters, the expansion implies both the extension of the warranty service period and the prioritization of service duraions. 

For EZRaider all-terrain vehicles, the extension includes, during the extended warranty period for warranty cases, free service works, as well as a 12% discount on spare parts required for repair (relatively to the generic parts price list).

Packages of extended warranty can be purchased at the service center.